Wow! Did you sleep last night? I got very little shuteye and my emotions have been running wild. This nail-biter of an election should be no surprise to anyone since it’s 2020 and if there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected. Since we’re still not sure who is going to be the President of the United States for the next four years, I thought I would create a post with links to all the non-partisan stories about what travel would look like under both a Biden or Trump administration for 2021-2025. Some of the predictions might surprise you.

How the US 2020 election might change the travel industry

Biden versus Trump: How this election will change the travel industry

US 2020 Election: What are Trump and Biden’s plans for aviation?

What Trump versus Biden means for aviation industry

Elections 2020: Is the travel industry rooting for Trump or Biden?

Oh, and if you need a distraction from the 24-hour news cycle, here is an ‘election distractor’ created by the New York Times. It features a variety of things for you to do as you wait out the results. There’s no talk of politics so it’s a safe space where you can take a break from the news for a while.

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