How I get my travel fix from home

In these crazy times, I’m staying close to home and taking all the necessary precautions. The one escape that I’ve discovered is EarthTV on YouTube, which has helped me get my travel fix from home. I love it. You can watch it on your computer or TV (it’s so much better on the latter). I put it on mute because the EarthGrooves music isn’t to my taste, but seeing live webcams from around the world that change every 10 seconds gets out of me the same reaction that children’s cartoons get out of my three-year-old. He just stops in his tracks.

I also love the fact that EarthTV shows the current time, weather (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit), wind speed, and more in the place you’re looking at. Many cameras are positioned atop luxury hotels like the Peninsula Tokyo. My favorite webcams are from Venice, Italy; Paris and Cannes, France; Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, China; Vienna, Austria; and more. They need one in Australia as the Sydney Harbour Cam, which I featured in my post on 9 webcams that let you see the world from home, is still my all-time favorite.

Have a favorite cam? How do you get your travel fix from home?

After I shared EarthTV in my weekly roundup last week, a number of readers wrote in to say how much they loved it. What about you? Do you have a favorite destination? Or another favorite way to travel from home? Please weigh in in the comments below!


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1 Comment On "How I Get My Travel Fix From Home"
  1. Marilyn B|

    I’m working on making photo books with the travel photos I never finished because I was planning and taking other trips! I like to make photo books that tell the stories of our trips, describing the places we went, sights we saw, experiences we had, foods we tasted, people we encountered, etc. Makes for much better memories than just having the photos stored on the computer or in the cloud. And so much easier to look at. Going back through my photo books always puts a smile on my face and reminds me of all the fun travels we have been fortunate to take. And they take up far less room than the many albums I have of physical snapshots (for anyone old enough to remember those!).
    I’m finishing up our 3 days in St. Petersburg from a cruise in summer 2018 and then I have to take our 5 week trip Australia and New Zealand. That will keep me plenty busy. And those closets won’t be cleaned out for a while – LOL!.

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