Goldbelly has been around since 2013 but I had never heard of it until the pandemic began. That’s when I started watching and creating a lot of YouTube videos (you can sign up to my channel here) and their ads kept displaying. Goldbelly’s business and ads are brilliant and were especially effective during a pandemic when travel shut down so you couldn’t enjoy your favorite slice in New York or lobster roll in New England, or even have easy access to your favorite local foods.

So, what is Goldbelly exactly? It’s an online marketplace with food from around the United States that you can have delivered straight to your door. And we’re not just talking about non-perishable packaged goods. What makes Goldbelly different is that they ship fresh food from some of the most iconic restaurants and bakeries across the country.

To check it all out, just log onto Goldbelly and peruse everything. I can promise you will go down a rabbit hole and will discover that you can get almost any delicious food you can think of shipped overnight to your home.

Want some examples of what you can get? They’ll ship the following (and so much more): Pat’s Original Philly Cheesesteak, Joe’s KC BBQ, Guy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Trash Can Nachos, Ess-a-Bagel or Joe’s Pizza from NYC or even Gino’s East Deep Dish Chicago Pizza.

If you have a sweet tooth, fuggetaboutit. There’s cannolis from Ferrara Bakery, banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery or cheesecake from Juniors. This is just a tiny sampling of everything.

For my wife’s birthday last September, I wanted to order her lobster rolls from Maine since that’s one of her favorite eats when we travel to see my family in New England (Connecticut). However, I didn’t pull the trigger because when it came time to pay, the overnight shipping was crazy expensive.

Then, a few weeks ago, I saw my friend Tammilee’s tweets about Goldbelly and I tweeted back that they look great but that shipping was too pricey for me. She let me in on the secret. She said to look through their sale items, since most of them have free shipping. Tammilee was right! Even though Goldbelly isn’t cheap, it’s a real treat and is an incredible way to make someone’s birthday more special, send a thank you or feel better treat, or simply treat yourself. After this challenging year, I think everyone deserves something special.

Good to Know: If you have an American Express Platinum card, AMEX currently has a promotion; if you spend $100 or more at Goldbelly, you get $50 back (up to three times before June 30). It was an offer too good to resist so I ended up getting ice cream from the Museum of Ice Cream. Don’t ask me why because I would never normally buy such expensive ice cream but I thought my wife would love it and it was late one night and I went down that Goldbelly rabbit hole I wrote about.

I was looking under the sale items for something that was $100 or just over so I could take advantage of the AMEX offer and they had a promotion: 7 pints of ice cream and a collectible cooler. I picked the flavors I thought Natalie would like (Nana Banana and Malt Shake) and two that I like (PB&P and Queen Bee) and I was so excited to get it. FYI: To get the free shipping, I had to wait almost a week even though they sent it overnight the day before it arrived. Their tracking is great.

The outer box got a little beat up but inner box and cooler weren’t damaged. Also, the ice cream inside with dry ice was as hard as a rock so I was happy that they had traveled well. However, when I opened it up, I was disappointed because the flavors I ordered for my wife were not in there and had been replaced with flavors I never would have chosen: Piñata (vanilla ice cream with spicy mango and naturally flavored raspberry swirls) and Churro Churro (cinnamon Ice Cream with crunchy cinnamon sugar swirl).

I emailed Goldbelly right away with a picture of the ice cream and my receipt, which clearly indicated the flavors I’d chosen. They responded within 24 hours and asked if I’d like the Museum of Ice Cream to send me the other flavors or credit my account. I took the partial refund for the ones they got wrong.

I was going to give the flavors we didn’t want to a friend but then I tried the Pinata flavor to see what it was like since we had two pints. It wasn’t bad. I asked my wife to take a taste and she refused. She didn’t like the sound of the description, particularly the spicy mango. I insisted she give it just a small taste and she loved it so much, she says it’s now here second favorite ice cream of all time! (Her first is Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food.)

Goldbelly also sent me a $15 credit for the next time I use their site, which is going to be soon since their customer service is great and I’ll get that $50 credit from AMEX. But there’s good news for you, too. Now that I have an account I can refer people with a Goldbelly promo code and you’ll get $15 off their first purchase and I get $15 off next time. Use this Goldbelly link to claim your credit.

So go for it and enjoy!

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    Shows the link has an expired code. :(

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Ugh! it was working this morning. Here is a new one.

      Thanks for letting me know!

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