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  • Per the New York Times: “Our computer models are in good agreement that it’s going to be another unusually hot summer, especially during late July through August,” said Todd Crawford, vice president of meteorology at Atmospheric G2, a weather and climate intelligence firm based in Manchester, N.H. The company expects the magnitude of the heat to be similar to 2022, the hottest summer ever recorded in Europe, with the most anomalous heat projected in the south, in popular countries for travelers like Greece, Croatia and Italy.
  • To beat the heat, bring a portable handheld fan or a wearable fan that you can place around your neck like headphones
  • Be sure to charge the device before going out and don’t forget to bring a portable charger like this one when you head out sightseeing for the day.

Earlier today, I ran into a friend while picking up my kids from school. She asked if I had any advice for her upcoming trip to Majorca, Spain. I told her that sadly, I’ve never been so I don’t have any specific advice for Majorca. I’ve only been to its neighboring island of Ibiza but it’s been decades (photo below) and I think both of our lifestyles have changed drastically since then.

I have traveled around Spain a fair bit. I was in Barcelona last summer and Seville just before the pandemic. When I got home from our big European trip last summer, which had us traveling to six European countries (Spain, Gibraltar, France, Italy, Vatican City and Germany), I wrote about most, if not all, of my tips. Here’s the article: 12 things I learned from traveling to Europe this summer, which I shared with my friend.

One of those tips, that I can’t stress enough, is to pack a portable fan. I saw so many people either walking around with a portable fan in their hand (like this one) or wearing one around their neck, like this one. Man, were we jealous of the people we saw with them. Europe was HOT.

Last summer, most of Europe was baking at times. Fortunately, we just missed Rome’s unbearable heat when, according to the Telegraph, on July 17, the temperature hit a record 41.8 Celsius (107.2 Fahrenheit). That broke the previous record of 40.7 C (105.2) which was set in June 2022.

When we were there in mid-June, the high was only 31C (89F) but it was still sweltering. In fact, we avoided the heat by doing most of our outdoor sightseeing in the early morning or in the evening. During the day, we usually stayed in our air-conditioned hotel room.

A few days ago, I was speaking with my cousin Hanna in Denmark and she warned me not to go to Spain, Italy or Greece because it’s too hot in the summer. She said, “Come to Scandinavia instead.” Her advice was solid, and I will heed it next summer for sure.

Hanna’s not alone in warning that Europe, especially Southern Europe, is going to be too hot. According to the New York Times on May 24, 2024, “Europe, the world’s fastest-warming continent, is headed for another scorching summer, meteorologists warn. And travelers, once again, are heading to the hot spots. Last year, large parts of southern Europe experienced prolonged periods of extreme heat with temperatures reaching 118 degrees and lasting up to two weeks or more. The sweltering conditions upended vacations throughout the summer season as visitors collapsed from heat exhaustion at crowded tourist sites, and wildfires led to evacuations in Greece, Italy and Spain.”

Portable fans are a must-pack for Europe.
This is definitely a good reason to pack a portable fan, whether a handheld fan or a wearable fan. The wearable fans can either be worn around your neck like a pair of headphones or on a lanyard. And please, do not worry about looking silly because heatstroke is no joke.

And remember: If the fan you bring with you needs to be charged, make sure you charge it before heading out for the day. The last thing you want is to be sweltering, only to find that your fan has no juice. Throw a portable charger in your bag so you can charge up anytime.


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