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I’ve written before about how helpful Global Entry can be. If you’re a frequent or even semi-frequent traveler, applying for Global Entry ($100 for five years) will put you on the road to faster, easier experiences at U.S. immigration and customs.

If you’re in the NYC area, this may be a good time to get it. As Michael W Travels reports, Global Entry interviews—the second half of the Global Entry approval process—will be available at NYC’s Penn Station from June 26 (next Monday) to July 28 courtesy of a United Airlines promotion. Due to demand, people have had to schedule their Global Entry interviews months in advance in NYC and other cities, so this additional option should be a big help for people in the region.

To take advantage, you just have to apply for Global Entry online (see this post), and when the time comes to schedule an interview, you must search for UNITED16 to schedule your appointment at Penn Station using the GOES scheduling system.

Already, it seems that interviews are hard to come by at Penn Station. But like with all Global Entry locations, there are tips to keep in mind when applying and scheduling an interview:

  • Check the GOES site frequently because people cancel often and time slots randomly open up
  • Keep in mind that walk-in interviews are available at some locations
  • If passing through a city in less demand, try to book your appointment there. (H/T to Pat B)
  • Use a credit card that will reimburse your $100 fee (see options here)
  • If you attend any large travel-related conferences, check to see if they’ll be offering Global Entry appointments (I’ve been to such conferences where people didn’t know because they hadn’t taken the time to read the program or ask)
  • The process takes time, so plan well in advance!

What was your Global Entry interview experience? Share your tips below!



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9 Comments On "Tips for Getting a Global Entry Appointment This Summer"
  1. J. Coe, M.D.|

    My wait time for a GOES appointment for SFO (closest airport to my residence)was 6 weeks. It just so happened that I had a trip to Seattle several weeks after I wanted my appointment, so I checked to see if GOES at Sea-Tac was available for an appointment just after I landed and there was! I scheduled this for and hour after I arrived, rather than while waiting to depart so that delays would not result in my missing my flight home.

    1. Johnny Jet|


  2. Dave Stuckey|

    Did not have success with applying. After a long wait, was notified that my application was denied. No reason given, just a list of possible reasons, none of which applied to me.
    LAX Global Entry office was responsive to my query, but couldn’t address the issue because apparently the application was denied not locally, but by the national vetting center in Williston, VT. An appeal to the ombudsman was rejected as well, with no explanation, other than the standard reasons one’s application might be denied (again, none of which applied to me). Other than a possible typo, there is absolutely no reason my application should have been denied!
    In the meantime, of course, I lost my $100 fee.

    Very frustrating experience…with no concrete answers! Buyer beware.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      That sucks! Sorry to hear. Were you ever arrested? One of my friends said they were denied for getting arrested 30+ years ago in Canada for having one joint on him so they denied him. He did get it reversed but not sure how.

  3. Pat Bunyard|

    Trying to get an appointment at LAX was near impossible and SFO was too far to drive. I was traveling to Alaska and would be in Anchorage for a day. Easily got an appointment there for interview. If passing through a city in less demand, try to book your appointment there.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great tip! We will add it. Thanks

  4. RMF325|

    I just finished my online application; the system kept having “technical difficulties”, and it ended up taking several days to get the whole thing completed and pay my fee. I will have to go to Hartsfield Airport (Atlanta) for the interview. I imagine getting an appointment for the interview will be as annoying and long as trying to get the application completed was.

  5. Dubai|

    Those are some very good tips Thank you for sharing!

  6. Dee Pierce|

    I live in Knoxville, Tennessee so the closest Global Entry Interview locations are Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte. The shortest trip is Nashville. So far, none of the airport interview stations have had no openings and I’ve been checking for over a month. I did receive an email which indicated that you could book an interview appointment at one of many international airports. However, I have no immediate travel plans so I can’t schedule any of them now. But it gives me hope! The application process was relatively easy. But scheduling an interview has been far more challenging than I envisioned. I think they need to open up more stations especially for those of us who live in smaller cities where our airports don’t provide this service. I received my application for free through my Capital One credit card. But it will expire in a year! PLEASE POST ANY INFORMATION ABOUT NEW INTERVIEW SITES ON THE JOHNNYJET.COM NEWSLETTER WHICH I SUBSCRIBE TO. Thanks, Dee Pierce

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