Student learning English (Credit: Fathom Travel)
Student learning English (Credit: Fathom Travel)

Carnival’s newest cruise brand, Fathom, has quickly gained popularity among social impact-seeking travelers. And just recently, Fathom announced four more social impact activities for Dominican Republic cruisers aboard the MV Adonia, its 704-passenger vessel. New activities will include assisting with home improvements in impoverished areas, special needs rehabilitation therapy, arts and crafts at a woman’s cooperative, and the opportunity to do a host family visit.

Fathom already has offerings for those looking to do good while traveling, which include helping women produce artisan chocolates and building water filters. Now travelers can select from an even larger social impact offering on each Fathom Dominican Republic itinerary with these additional four activities. Here’s a bit more about the new offerings:

Assisting with home improvement
It’s pretty common for homes in certain Dominican communities to have dirt floors, which can lead to many health problems. Fathom travelers can take part in helping pour concrete for new floors to improve living conditions. They’ll also be able to help paint houses, fix broken furniture and clean common areas—and even potentially plant fruit trees. The best part is that travelers will work alongside homeowners and their families, including their children. Lots of time for travelers to get to know locals.

Arts & crafts production with local women’s cooperative
Previously, cruisers could work alongside the women’s cooperative to produce artisan chocolates. Now, travelers can connect with this group on another level. By helping make eco-friendly arts and crafts, travelers can help entrepreneurial women in the Dominican thrive. Fathom travelers can choose the aspect of business they’d like to help with. They could help with the paper recycling process or creating the crafts. More business-minded individuals can help find ways to maximize an association’s distribution network or help take new products to market.

Forty percent of the Dominican population lives below the poverty line, so getting involved in the local communities during your cruise can really make a difference.

Tara Russell, president of Fathom and global impact lead for Carnival Corporation says, “with the flexibility to choose from a wide selection of impact activities and recreational options, Fathom travelers will be able to customize their itineraries to achieve their own ideal balance of purpose and play time.”

Local entrepreneurship (Credit: Fathom Travel)
Local entrepreneurship (Credit: Fathom Travel)

And for fun…
When not participating in social impact projects or cruising, Fathom travelers can experience memorable leisure activities like exploring Puerto Plata, shopping, visiting artist studios and doing tastings at rum factories.

Explore traditions and local flare in Puerto Plata
Explore Puerto Plata, home to the first fort built by European settlers in the New World. The downtown area has shopping, artist studios and rum factories—and more

La Isabela, Columbus history and folklore
Walk through ancient ruins in the historic area of La Isabela. This town was one of the first European towns in the Americas.

Diving for Beginners
Learn to scuba dive in paradise. This activity will let you explore marine life up close and personal in the warm waters. The class will teach travelers the basic safety guidelines required for a dive with a dive instructor.

Catamaran two-reef snorkel
Hop aboard a Catamaran with a day of snorkeling in the Sosua Bay. Explore many unique fish and reefs for a relaxing day aboard the modern and luxurious Catamaran.

Countryside zip-line adventure
For the adventurous, zip-lining from treetops will show you a whole new perspective of the Dominican Republic and its beauty.

Check out more of our posts on Fathom here discussing the onboard experience and here on the new Fathom brand. For more information about Fathom or to book a cruise, call 1-855-932-8466 or visit

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  1. Ken Smith|

    I am an American living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I own a small transportation business -mostly driving clients back and forth from the airport and their cruise ships. I would enjoy the opportunity to assist with transportation for costs for the people that are doing the social impact activities. This is a great country but unfortunately, many many people need help. All my contact information is on my site.

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