MV Adonia (Credit: Fathom)
MV Adonia (Credit: Fathom)

We’ve written before about the new Fathom experience (Carnival’s new social impact cruise line), in posts here and here. And recently we wrote about its seven-day itinerary to Cuba—aboard the 704-passenger ship MV Adonia and sailing to Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba—that offers guests tons of cultural experiences and immersion activities. The same ship will go the Dominican Republic, too, getting guests ready for the on-the-ground experiences including how to work alongside and engage with locals for the most significant impact experience and community contribution.

Onboard the ship Fathom guests will have plenty to do, as well. Here’s a taste of what awaits aboard the MV Adonia:

Cultural lessons
During the first days at sea, Fathom provides its guests with activities that will prepare them for their off-the-ship experiences. For example: Spanish lessons to communicate with the locals, immersion events and a keynote speakers series to inform guests of their destination’s history and geography. Travelers will also learn how to work alongside the locals and contribute to their community, so they’ll be prepared to make the most of their time off the ship.

Dance, music & film
The MV Adonia is filled with local musicians that will entertain and also teach guests local dances! Passengers can get their groove on learning the merengue, the national dance of the Dominican Republic, and salsa, the national dance of Cuba.

Passengers can also kick back and relax with onboard film festivals with ties to Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The films are intended to showcase social entrepreneurship and put travelers in the spirit ahead of arrival.

Specialty restaurants
Tasty meals will fill the MV Adonia experience, showcasing authentic Cuban and Dominican food with regional menu items using the most flavorful ingredients. The specialty restaurant, Ocean Grill, will serve lunch and dinner. In the evenings, travelers can check out the intimate wine bar, Glass House, serving wine, beer and specialty cocktails.

The MV Adonia also has a spa, a game deck, a pool with a sun deck, a fitness center (with great views!), and a library. Passengers can even buy goods and merchandise from purpose-driven businesses. The ship also offers a range of accommodation types, so guests will be comfy as they rest for the next culture-filled day.

Fathom’s fun onboard activities and amenities look like a great addition to their cruise experience in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. For more on Fathom or to book a cruise, call 1-855-9FATHOM or visit

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