A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a Ryanair passenger in Spain who ripped the wheels off his suitcase to avoid paying the Irish-based low-fare carrier’s outrageous checked bag fee of €70 ($75 USD).

Passenger's bag gets stuck inside EasyJet baggage sizer.In a new viral video (embedded below), an EasyJet passenger (another European low-fare carrier) was flying from Valencia, Spain to London. It appears his bag got stuck in the airline’s carry-on bag sizer at the gate.

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The video was taken by a Brit on TikTok who goes by Pammie. As you can probably guess, the majority of the comments were asking why someone wasn’t helping him instead of filming him and why wasn’t the gate agent doing a better job.

Below are are some of the comments:

gbeez2303: some body HELP HIM .. instead of stupidly filming him and making him more nervous and embarrassed!!!

Emma: Why do people feel the need to record others ?? I wouldn’t dream of standing there recording someone struggling. Or doing anything for that matter. World has gone mad

userwhatever967: filming him and posting it on tiktok. Charming

Shere gurai: Easy jet don’t travel with them they are scammers 59euros. Each luggage

Chris Marshall: rookie mistake handle always upward

William C: Customer Service at it’s finest 🤔

Babababababab: I can bet he was pushing it in, trying to show the staff they are wrong and his bag fits So I would just leave him there and watch him struggling

me_plus_3: poor boy knew the size restrictions when booking 🙃

Andy: I would be so embarrassed I would just leave it 😂

R3k R.h: This carry on luggage is a pain and just another way to make money by airline, staff are just standing not willing to help what is this world coming to

itsasecret.6: Easy jet are the worst for measuring the hand luggage

Euliliblack: This bag business is getting ridiculous.. you even travel in peace

It’s not the first time an EasyJet passenger had their bag stuck in the sizer and it’s probably not the last. This video (below) had over 34 million views in 2022:


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EasyJet’s bag allowance, according to their website, is one small cabin bag per passenger, with maximum dimensions of 45 x 36 x 20 cm (17 x 14 x 8 in).

Ever since the airlines realized they could make a lot of money in ancillary fees, especially for checked and carry-on bags, their rules have changed. Most airlines used to offer passengers free checked bags and use of the overhead bins. But some low-fare carriers like Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Ryanair and EasyJet realized there’s a segment of the population who only care about cost and will fall for their ridiculously cheap sales tactics. Unfortunately, many of those same people find out too late that they didn’t read the fine print closely enough or couldn’t get away with pulling a fast one. Often times they end up spending a lot more money and time than they initially thought they would, thanks to all the fees added on top of the ‘low fare’ they purchased.

Even the major U.S. airlines like American, Delta and United have caught on to these sales tricks and started offering similar cheap fares to compete. The big three offer a version of “Basic Economy” tickets. Usually, these tickets are non-refundable, have very restrictive baggage policies, require passengers to board last, and don’t allow passengers to pick their seat or accrue miles.

I’ve never purchased a Basic Economy ticket because I like to be able to do the opposite when I fly and hope to get upgraded (as a frequent flier). I didn’t realize that if you purchase United’s cheapest ticket, you have to physically check-in at the counter. Frost Social on Threads posted another reason why cheapest isn’t always best: “We live ~20 minutes from the airport. But thanks to United’s policy requiring even those traveling with only a carry-on to queue up and check in at the counter, you have to arrive at least 2.5 hours early to make sure you can check-in, get through security, and to your gate. That’s three lines just to board a plane. It turned an 8:30am flight into a 5AM wakeup call. There has to be a better way of doing this.”


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Someone asked: “Is that new? I usually just go to the security line and direct to the gate here at LAX.” He responded: “You still have to check in at the United counter if you aren’t paying for the more expensive tickets regardless of bag status. They want a visual check to make sure you’re obey their rules before you get to the get. I get that, but then should staff the counters to make sure the lines are always moving quickly, which they don’t always do. But there’s no way to know that when you’re at home. So you have to show up early or risk not getting on your plane because the line to check in was long.”

My advice is to read the airline’s baggage policy carefully and prepare to shell out a good amount of money if you don’t follow their rules.

I’m getting ready to fly Aegean this summer, an airline I’ve never flown before, and I’m currently researching their baggage policies in terms of how many bags we can bring and dimensions. It’s better to be prepared when you show up at the airport instead of getting a big, unexpected and unpleasant surprise. So, if you’re traveling anywhere this summer, especially an airline you’ve never been on before, make sure you do your research before you go.


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