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If you drive GM vehicles and want to redeem your rewards for future vehicle purchases, leases, or dealership services, the GM Business™ Mastercard® for small business owners is an excellent fit. Before applying, it’s essential to know what credit score you need to have the best approval odds and potentially qualify for a higher credit limit.

Our Chevy Bolt EV
Our Chevy Bolt EV

Credit Score Needed for the GM Business Card

The GM Business™ Mastercard® requires a good or excellent credit score (See terms and conditions). Marcus by Goldman Sachs will also review your business credit history and current revenue to reach an application decision.

Similar to the personal My GM Rewards Card, you can request preapproval with only a soft check to see if you qualify and what your spending limit and APR will be.

A hard pull can occur when you accept the credit offer after you initially qualify. However, a couple of online data points from 2022 and early 2023 from successful applicants mention no hard pull appearing on the personal credit report, even when applying as a sole proprietor.

That can be good news if the hard pull doesn’t appear when applying for the GM Business Card as business credit card applications can negatively affect the Chase 5/24 rule if you’re thinking about trying for a Chase credit card in the near future.

How to Apply for a GM Business Card

You can follow these steps to apply for a GM Business Card and most likely receive an instant application decision.

Submit Details

If you’re applying for the GM Business™ Mastercard® the next screen will ask about your business information (See terms and conditions). For example, the number of employees, annual revenue, and anticipated spending. It will also ask for your employer identification number (EIN), but you can leave this spot blank if you’re a sole proprietor and only applying with your SSN. This card has a $0 annual fee and a $0 foreign transaction fee (See Rates & Fees).

Review Terms and Conditions

Before seeing if you qualify, you will review the current card fees and terms with a scroll-down window. This is the same information you can see before applying from the credit card information page, but it’s worth looking at to avoid any surprises.

If everything looks alright, you can click apply to prequalify without hurting your credit.

Review Pre-Approved Credit Offer

At this point, Marcus only conducts a soft credit pull to determine if you have a qualifying credit score. If so, you will receive a credit offer listing your credit limit, introductory APR, and ongoing purchase APR.

The credit limits for the GM Business Card can also vary widely, although they can be generous. For example, one business owner reports a $29,000 spending limit.

Accept Credit Card Offer

After reviewing your initial credit offer, you can accept it and undergo a hard inquiry to open your account. This action finalizes your credit limit, purchase APR, and starts the clock to qualify for the signup bonus.

Here is the current credit card bonus offer:

  • New GM Business™ Mastercard® members can get $750 in Bonus Earnings to redeem with GM when they spend $5,000 in their first 5 months (See terms and conditions). This card has a $0 annual fee and a $0 foreign transaction fee (See Rates & Fees).

You can also earn purchase rewards on GM-related purchases and all remaining purchases.

If you don’t like the offer, you can decline now or decline later. For example, maybe you’re still trying to get credit card pre-approval for other options and waiting to see if you receive a better offer. If you decide to finish the application process down the road, you can log into your account.

Is the GM Business Card Worth It?

Applying for the GM Business Card is worth it if you spend a fair amount of money on GM-related purchases or actively participate in the GM Rewards loyalty program. It’s also a contender if you want a no-annual-fee credit card for travel or a no-annual-fee business credit card.

However, its redemption options are relatively limited if you prefer flexibility. The only non-GM redemption option is for up to $250 in gift cards each year. So, a travel rewards card to use your points for flights, hotels, and car rentals or a cash back credit card for consistent statement credits.

But if you enjoy stashing away points to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for buying a replacement vehicle from your favorite GM Brand. Your points can also be used for a new lease, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, and most service-related expenses.


A good credit score or an excellent credit score is a basic requirement for the GM Business Card. If you’re uncertain about your approval odds or curious to see your credit limit, you can prequalify without impacting your credit.

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