Are you afraid to fly? If so, there are some 20 million people like you, according to NBC News—and more importantly, there are things you can do about it. In a special investigation into the fear of flying and turbulence (above), Jeff Rossen reports on an unexpected trick that can help you overcome turbulence fears: writing your name with your “off” hand. Rossen’s producer (who’s afraid to fly) tries it out in the segment and finds it effective. The idea is that the activity requires enough focus to pull your attention away from the situation around you, and that, according to the pilot who explains it, it “cross[es] over [your] motor functions.”

There are a few other helpful tips (including breathing through a straw to help keep breathing in control), and the whole segment is worth watching.

Do you have your own trick to help cope with turbulence and/or flying? Share it in the comments below!

H/T to Travel + Leisure.

A clever trick to help you overcome turbulence




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