Borrow a BoatIf you’ve ever been to Capri, Monte Carlo or the south of France in the summer, you’ve probably seen firsthand how the real rich and famous vacation. They do it on mega yachts they own or have chartered. Such a luxury yacht is the ultimate luxury and guaranteed privacy.

Well, Borrow a Boat is a new travel company that hopes to bring yachting to the masses. According to Harper’s Bazaar, which wrote about its recent launch: “The concept works along similar lines to Airbnb in terms of renting boats from existing owners (although it does use standalone private boating companies too). Either using its online platform or its app, you choose your destination based upon 60 countries, pick a type of boat – be it a motor yacht, catamaran or sailing boat – then choose your dates. There’s also the option to rent for a day, short stays or long trips and knowledgeable skippers can be added to any booking, so you don’t even need to be able to sail. Ultimately, the route is your choice – the skipper is just there to advise if you need.”

Just like rentals on Airbnb, there’s a huge variety of boats on Borrow a Boat, from sailing boats to luxury super yachts. Prices range from $190 to $63,000 (!) a day.


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