Ever since the pandemic began, the number of questions and emails I received regarding passports and visas doubled. It’s always been stressful to get a last-minute passport or visa but the pandemic has made things even more challenging.

That’s why I invited Philip Diack on my show. Philip started PassportsAndVisas.com over 20 years ago so he has seen it all and is the perfect person to answer passport and visa questions.

I learned a lot from our 24-minute conversation. Watch on YouTube or listen to podcast.

YouTube video

2 Comments On "All Your Passport and Visa Questions Answered By An Expert"
  1. John J|

    I applied for a renewal passport December 18, 2021 and it arrived in the mail 3-1/2 weeks later! I did NOT pay extra to get it faster, and I beat the increase in fees by 4 days! Now, if I only had somewhere to go!

    1. Johnny Jet|


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