If you’re heading to and/or from Anchorage this summer and have booked tickets on either Frontier Airlines (from Denver) or Icelandair from Keflavik, then stop everything and act fast.

Scott McMurren, Alaska’s travel expert, just announced in his free Alaska Travelgram newsletter that: “Icelandair, an Alaska Air mileage partner, had scheduled twice-weekly nonstop flights to Iceland starting May 16, 2022. Those flights are canceled. If you have tickets on Icelandair, contact them right away 800-223-5500.
If you’re traveling on an Alaska Airlines mileage ticket, or if Alaska Airlines issued your ticket, contact Alaska Air right away to rebook. Icelandair will fly nonstop from the U.S. to Iceland from several other gateways, including SEA, MSP, ORD, JFK + BOS.”

Update: I know a lot of people are calling and can’t get answers from Icelandair. I’m not sure why they haven’t got their reservation’s agents up to speed but this is from Icelandair’s head of communications for North America: “Unfortunately, it has been decided to postpone our return to Anchorage until next year.”

Scott also has alerted his readers that: “Frontier Airlines was scheduled to launch twice-weekly Anchorage-Denver nonstop flights on June 9, 2022. Those flights are cancelled. If you are booked on Frontier Airlines, contact them right away: 801-401-9000. Both Alaska Airlines and United Airlines provide nonstop Anchorage-Denver service.”

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Why do you need to act fast? Because a lot of people are going to be looking for new ways to get to/from Anchorage this summer and there’s just not a lot of capacity. Especially when airlines cancel routes.

As Scott points out, a lot of folks are asking “Why?” The airlines did not issue an official press release but the reason that comes up the most is fuel prices. With fuel prices surging, demand so high and staffing issues (particularly with pilots) airlines are starting to cut routes that make them the least amount of money. Alaska is obviously one of them since it’s mostly leisure travel so there’s not a lot of opportunity to upsell like they can with business travel destinations like New York.

No matter where or when you are traveling, you definitely should monitor your flights often to make sure the airline you booked with didn’t cancel your route, change your airport(s), dates, flight times or seat assignments. This happened occasionally pre-pandemic but it’s definitely happening more frequently since 2020 for all the reasons listed above.

This is another reason why you should also make sure that the contact information tied to your reservation is accurate and you read any emails an airline sends you. Oftentimes, customers think they’re getting a sales email when in reality, it’s the airline alerting you to flight changes.
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15 Comments On "Airlines Cancel Flights to Alaska"
  1. Anonymous|

    Man, u are freaking people the f out. I just checked with AK air and our Iceland air flight non stop AK to Iceland first week of June is still good. Now we’re all paranoid. Wtf dude, I got my sister in law sending my wife this crap. Thanks dik

    1. Johnny Jet|

      We went to the source. Sadly, it’s all accurate and their computers/agents aren’t up to speed.

  2. Chrisakorguy|

    I spoke with Alaska and Icelandair and was informed my ANC to KEF flight on June 16th was “under review” and could be canceled. Doesn’t help much from a planning perspective….

  3. Anonymous|

    Called Alaska Air, spoke with a supervisor, they spoke with their Global department, Iceland Air, etc. why and how do you know more than the airline and how can I confirm? We have a 2 week trip booked from Anc to Reykjavik then Scotland. This will ruin everything. We have talked to everyone possible, but you seem to be only one who knows. How can I confirm? This has seriously completely freaked us out and we cannot confirm what you are saying. Why do much mystery?????

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I will add one of my sources to the post but it’s from Icelandair’s head of communications for North America: “Unfortunately, it has been decided to postpone our return to Anchorage until next year.”

  4. Anonymous|

    What source???????

  5. Larry Beach|

    You morons replying as anonymous are always pretty lippy when you comment to something that you have no idea is correct or not. Calling people “diks” because your wife is chewing your ass out when she knows less than you shows who wears the pants. Man up,apologize to this man and take control of your house. Next thing your mother in law is going to be slapping you around.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Ha ha! Thanks for having my back

  6. Stranded|

    Obama was right about Brandon.

  7. Anonymous|

    Johnny Jet, apologies for saying dik. Larry Beach, now go milk your Bull like you always do…………

  8. Leslea|

    What is your source for Frontier?
    Still showing good on line?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Scott has the source for that one but I trust him

  9. Leslea|

    I went to his article and he didn’t have a source.
    I followed his suggestion and called the airline at the number he listed. They said no decision has been made to cancel that route. So this seems more like a prediction? Not saying it wont happen, but ?!?

  10. kevin|

    Annndd Frontier Just announced they cancelled our tickets in July.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry that they canceled your flights.

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