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19 travel Instagram accounts to follow in 2019Need a little 2019 travel inspiration? These travel Instagram accounts will give you just the dose of wanderlust you need to plan your next getaway. Not going anywhere for a bit? Chances are they’ll make you feel like you’re right there with them, even at home. Virtual vacations are much needed, too!

Here are 19 to follow in 2019:

1. Alyssa Ramos (mylifesatravelmovie)
Alyssa’s Instagram is visually beautiful and will make any solo traveler swoon. She’s been to all seven continents, the Seven Wonders of the World, the Seven Wonders of Nature, and 91 countries and counting.

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2. Christina Vidal (jetsetchristina)
Christina caught the travel bug via the University of Virginia’s “Semester at Sea” program, in which she sailed around the world to 12 countries onboard a ship of 500+ college students and professors. Check out her Instagram account for travel photos from many of her life-changing trips.

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3. Kiersten Rich (theblondeabroad)
Kiersten’s (Kiki’s) mission is to inspire people to live life in full while giving back to the countries they visit. While she’s only been traveling for just over four years, she’s managed to pack a lot of great pictures and content into her posts. Her best travel advice is to “do as the locals do.”

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4. Maria Fagerstrom (mariathepilot)
Maria is a 737 airline pilot from Sweden who’s based in the Canary Islands. While it’s her job to transport consumers safely, she also makes time to uncover the outdoors and beauty of the destinations she visits. Her love of great views is sure to captivate.

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5. Maria Pettersson (pilotmaria)
Another female pilot named Maria belongs on this list, as well. Maria Pettersson is a 737 airline pilot based in Europe who flies all over the world sharing her travels with her followers.

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6. Valerie Joy Wilson (trustedtravelgirl)
Valerie is all about going off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems that only locals know. She looks up to travel experts Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern and Samantha Brown and is an adventurer with no comfort zone. She prefers to travel solo.

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7. Altug Galip (kyrenian)
It’s no surprise that Altug has over a million followers. He’s a world traveler, a freelance photographer, a social media guru, and one of T+L‘s social ambassadors. Born in London, Altug now calls Cyprus home (his parents’ native land). One look at his account’s jaw-dropping photos and you’ll be mesmerized.

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8. Kyle Huber (asenseofhuber)
Kyle is a talented photographer and graphic designer raised in Missouri and now living in California. He’s a ton of fun to follow.

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9. Brendan Van Son (brendanvanson)
Brendan hails from Canada and has a knack for creating stunning photos. He’s been to over 100 countries. His best advice? “Don’t focus too much on getting great photos. Enjoy it. You’ll forget you even took pictures eventually. But, you’ll never forget the moments.”

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10. Lee Abbamonte (leeabbamonte)
Lee is known for being the youngest American to visit every country in the world. You’d think that after visiting every country in the world the guy would slow down, but as you can see from his Instagram account he’s still going!

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11. Zach Honig (zachhonig)
Zach is a senior associate editor at Engadget and now the editor-at-large for The Points Guy. Follow Zach as he wows you with all of his best tricks and tips at 40,000 feet.

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12. Sam Chui (samchui)
If you’re into aviation, especially, you’ll want to out Sam, one of the world’s most-followed aviation bloggers. He’s been to over 100 countries and flown over three million miles.

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13. Mark Grigg (viewfromthetrop)
Mark is an airline pilot showcasing many of his awesome views on Instagram. His profile says that the view from his office is “near the tropopause and from wherever my wheels touch down.” Always cool to see great travel posts from a pilot!

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14. U.S. Department of the Interior (usinterior)
The first government agency to make our Instagram list! The U.S. Department of the Interior not only protects America’s great outdoors but also does an amazing job promoting the beautiful lands it’s protecting.

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15. Wildlife Planet (wildlifeplanet)
As expected, Wildlife Planet shares photos of wildlife all around the world. Beautiful animal photos in beautiful destinations: magnificent.

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16. Josh Gates (gatesygram)
Josh hosts the hit TV series Expedition Unknown and in 2019 will launch a new show called Legendary Locations chronicling the tales and secrets of the most storied places on Earth.

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17. The Rock (therock)
On Instagram, the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is a mix of humorous, personal-yet-humble and inspirational. He’s always traveling to either film movies or promote them, so it’s fun to follow him as a traveler. He also rags on Kevin Hart, which is hilarious.

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18. Natalie DiScala (nataliediscala)
I can’t finish an Instagram list without including Johnny’s lovely wife Natalie! She travels a ton (with their son Jack) and she knows how to do it in style. Her eye for photography, style and love of travel (and luxury hotels!) makes Natalie a must-follow. (She’s seriously a kind and genuine person, so her posts are uplifting too!)

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19. Johnny Jet (johnnyjet)
Our very own Johnny Jet can’t be kept off the list either. As you may know, Johnny is both a travel expert and a kind, caring guy. He’s hosted a television special on the Travel Channel and appears every Saturday on Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy show talking travel and technology, in between traveling the world with his wife Natalie and their son Jack. He used to dread flying—and yet he now flies 100,000 miles a year and has visited close to 100 countries since starting his newsletter (now in 1995.


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  1. Margot Dempsey|

    You missed @howmanyelephants and @hollybudge.

    @HollyBudge is an adventurer, conservationist and speaker. She is the founder of @HowManyElephants – a charity that is raising awareness of the elephant poaching crisis in Africa.

    Her 2019 exhibition on Instagram will display the elephant poaching statistics in Africa – one day at a time. At just 3 days in to the exhibition. Follow @howmanyelephants on Instagram and watch it grow.

    Holly has been on the front line with an all female anti poaching unit called The Black Mambas. They are one of the initiatives that Holly supports through various fundraising efforts.

  2. Sasha Stories|

    Perfect list! I already follow a few of these! You may also enjoy my San Francisco Instagram., lots of inspiring photos of the city there. And lots of drone shots.

  3. Valerie|

    What a great list, thanks for including! I found some amazing new accounts to follow that I hadn’t seen before.

  4. Javier Fernandez|

    Great article I already followed some of them but didn’t know about about soome. In my opinion you missed , an account I really enjoy as it has very insightful captions about every photo he posts

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