LoungeBuddy-Logo-Green-BackgroundToday, LoungeBuddy—the free app that tells you everything you need to know about airport lounges—is launching a first-of-its-kind service: the ability to book airport lounge access through an iPhone.

With the new LoungeBuddy, you won’t have to hold status with airlines, or have booked a certain class of ticket, or any of that to escape the airport chaos inside a lounge. All you’ll have to do is open the app, scroll through the lounge options available in your airport, and tap-tap-tap your way to a booking.

As of today, 26 lounges are available in the US and UK through the app, with many more scheduled to follow soon. Here’s the US list as it stands on December 18, 2014:

Bookable US lounges as of of 12/18/2014
ATL — Minute Suites , Concourse B
DFW — Minute Suites, Terminal D
PHL — Minute Suites, Terminal A/B
ANC — Alaska Airlines Board Room, South. Concourse C
LAX — Alaska Airlines Board Room, Terminal 6
PDX — Alaska Airlines Board Room, Concourse C
SEA — Alaska Airlines Board Room, Concourse D

To celebrate the release, LoungeBuddy is offering a few exclusives to Johnny Jet readers: first, a $10 credit (for all readers) towards your first lounge purchase through the promo code below, and second, two $100 credits to be awarded to two lucky winners!

Part 1: Get $10 LoungeBuddy credit
The first part is easy. Once you have the LoungeBuddy app (free to download), just visit this page to see how to use a LoungeBuddy promo code, and enter the Johnny Jet promo code below. (Note: You must be using iOS7 or later to use the code.)

Promo code for $10 LoungeBuddy credit: johnnyjet

Part 2: Win one of two $100 LoungeBuddy credits
The second part—also easy. Use the form below to enter your name and sign up for my newsletter. If you’re already a subscriber, just check the appropriate box. Then, leave your answer to the question below in the comments section. At the end of the contest period, we’ll pick two entrants (who’ve entered through the form and left an answer) as our two winners!

What holiday travel stresses most make you want to escape to an airport lounge?

The contest will run from today, Thursday, December 18, 2014 until midnight (PT) on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 (New Year’s Eve).

Good luck!

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24 Comments On "Win one of two $100 airport lounge credits from LoungeBuddy!"
  1. Elizabeth|

    The crowds

  2. Damir Varat Wizzy|

    Crowds of people…

  3. Richard R.|

    People shoving and speaking nonsensical blah blah blah.

  4. Roxana Lewis|

    Informed access to Lounge staff regarding delays & access to internet, food, quiet. Who could ask for anything more stress-free.

  5. Matt|

    escaping the screaming and running children and packed passenger waiting areas

  6. Bo|

    There are so many people everywhere! The hordes of people stress me out.

  7. Dwight Schmidt (@schm0869)|

    People who don’t know what they’re doing when they travel.

  8. Laura Cutter|

    Trying to get where I want to go on time!

  9. Martin|

    All the interminable announcements, and the largely neo-travelers!

  10. Marc|

    The TSA lines to clear security make me want to escape to a lounge while I wait for my flight.

  11. Joel Blaiberg|


  12. Rob young|

    Little bit of special treatment amongst the stress of others travellers appalling behaviour

  13. Peter|

    A brief respite from the madding crowd!

  14. drz30|

    Long lines and crowds

  15. Em|

    The long line of pre boards, wheel chairs and bad knees for people who only want to get on the plane first, parents with strollers the size of a small mini van. All crowding to get on ahead of everyone else who didn’t try to cheat the boarding process.

  16. sunnygirlca|

    The noisy crowds. The errant children.

  17. Anonymous|

    Quiet place to wait

  18. Alicia|

    Crowds, uncomfortable (or nonexistent) seating, lack of electrical outlets… the list goes on and on. (Also, sadface: the johnnyjet promo code showed as invalid.)

    1. Ian Livingston|

      Hey Alicia, we’ve confirmed that the promo code is still working. That said, LoungeBuddy has noted that clicking the “Apply” button in the app more than 1x will credit the account AND bring up an “Invalid” message (for the second click). So, be sure to check your credit!

  19. lorraine mabbett|

    What holiday travel stresses most make you want to escape to an airport lounge? Sneezing, Wheezing. Coughing. Sharing a non-existent power source. Conversing with happy people (just kidding).

  20. Kendra Fletcher|

    Grumpy travelers and airport personnel.

  21. laura|

    The ability to close my eyes for a moment without so many people hovering or rushing around.

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