Delta already had the worst frequent flier program (here’s why) but they just made it even worse today with their long awaited announcement about Medallion qualification levels. Beginning January 1, 2014, members will now earn Medallion status through a combination of miles or segments flown AND your annual spending on Delta flights, which will be measured by Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs). Specifically, here’s how you will qualify for Medallion status starting next year:


The good news is it could have been worse as they could’ve gone completely revenue based like jetBlue, Southwest and Virgin America. And they surprisingly gave customers advance warning since it doesn’t kick in until 2014.

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3 Comments On "Why Delta's Frequent Flier Program Just Got Worse"
  1. Joe T|

    I was astounded when I read the email a moment ago… I’ve always been diehard Delta, but never able to quite make it to Gold. Now it will be even harder to make it to Gold and forget the ability to receive a complimentary upgrade as a Silver after this.

    Delta could at least give Silvers the ability to choose Economy Comfort as a Perk for free to at least let us know they value us.

    1. phil breland|

      Interesting line here. I have to wonder how Delta is passing out the EC seats. I fly to Asia several times a year and can’t figure out who is getting the EC seats other than those (suckers?) who paid for them at what appears to me to be very high prices. Last flight, I noticed several Platinum flyers heading back behind me to their seats in Eco. Anyone else out there with thoughts on this?

  2. Anonymous|

    I quit flying Delta 10 years ago (except to use up my miles!) even though I live in Atlanta. I’d rather fly anyone else even if I have to connect than get on a DL flight!

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