Wanderer travel vialThe Austin-based startup PHLUR got my attention when they sent me a press release with the subject line “Screw TSA — take your fragrance on the plane with you.” It turns out their new Wanderer travel vial works with any fragrance that has an atomizer. It’s perfect for travelers that want to bring their favorite perfume/cologne but either don’t want to check a bag or risk having it spill all over their clothes. The Wanderer ($28, free shipping in U.S.) could fix all of that.

Here’s how it works in their words:

“Step 1
Remove the spray head from your fragrance bottle.
Take off the cap. Pinch the very top, where the spout is. Pull!
Pro tip: You may need to wiggle it a little to pry it loose. Don’t worry, it won’t break. Worst case, find whomever opens jars for you, and have them give it a try.

Step 2
Connect The Wanderer to your fragrance bottle.
There’s a red circle on the bottom. Put that directly on top of your bottle’s nozzle and push down. Boom—you’re connected.

Step 3
Pump it up.
Press The Wanderer up and down on the fragrance bottle, just like you’re spritzing. As you do, you’ll pump it full with goodness.

Step 4
Conquer the world with confidence.
You’re all set, amazing fragrance is just a spritz away.
Pro tip: When replacing your fragrance bottle’s spray head, point the nozzle AWAY from your person. Trust us on this one.”

It’s that simple and it will give you a few weeks’ worth of your favorite fragrance. You can throw it into your purse, backpack, pocket, or carry-on (yes, it’s TSA-approved). It ships empty, but is endlessly refillable (and therefore sustainable) and made with aircraft-grade aluminum for extra sturdiness. If you need help visualizing it, here’s their step-by-step instructional video.


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