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This week’s video isn’t a travel video per se. What it is is a look inside a scam call center in India. I first saw it in a story posted online by CBS Morning News, which didn’t link directly to the video. Thanks to a screenshot, though, I was able to source it to Jim Browning’s popular YouTube channel and find the original, which is above. If you’ve ever been annoyed by a robo call (both my hands are in the air) or God forbid been scammed by one of these lowlifes, you’ll definitely want to watch it.

Jim shows step by step how he turned the tables on the bad guys in the scam call center and took over their computers to mess up their operations, record live videos of them and drain their phone accounts. It’s pretty satisfying. I don’t recommend anyone do this on their own because it could backfire and Jim is obviously very tech-savvy. He also must have an incredible amount of time on his hands. But he’s doing good and (I think) important work, so I decided to donate to his cause on PayPal. You can do the same if you’re inclined.

When I told Leo Laporte (the Tech Guy) about the video, he said that it was irresponsible of CBS to feature Jim in its story because hacking is a federal crime. So again, don’t try this at home—but if you want to see inside a scam call center, or get the satisfaction of watching karma be a b*tch, you can watch Jim’s video above.

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Inside a scam call center
Screenshot of video uploaded by Jim Browning


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  1. Seminolerick|

    ANY, and ALL who somehow pull off a a scam on me… your days ARE numbered. I will expend EVERY monies to hunt you down…dollars, kilos & countries are NO LIMIT… your friends will get rich turning you in… THEN… your lights WILL go out.. it may take days…weeks…or even years… laugh now , tremble when you hear me breathing… then…

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