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As of this writing (at 10:00pm ET), Hurricane Dorian is closing in on the Carolinas. The destruction in its wake, especially in the Bahamas, is serious to say the least, and what’s ahead for all in its forecasted path is scary. (If you’re in the forecasted path and/or you want more info, see our Hurricane Dorian travel resource page.) Hurricanes, on the ground, are violent and chaotic.

But up in the air, they can look beautiful, as seen in the video above. The video, shared by FOX News, shows hurricane hunters flying a plane inside Hurricane Dorian, through the eye of the storm and in and around its uppermost clouds. The footage is incredible. You can see the rim of the hurricane’s eye and the shape of the swirling clouds. From inside Hurricane Dorian, you can also see the bright blue sky above.

Hurricane Dorian damage in video

Back to the ground: Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas. This NBC News video, “shot from a helicopter over the Bahamas on Tuesday, captured the carnage left behind by Hurricane Dorian. Roof-less homes, fallen walls, toppled trees, flooded streets, front yards filled with water and debris and cars strewn about will greet evacuated homeowners upon their return to neighborhoods.” You can see the birds-eye video, plus images, in the post here.

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Flying inside Hurricane Dorian


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