Cam Newton offers passenger $1,500 cash to switch seats

As reported by The Comeback (via MSN) and seen in a video posted on Twitter by Eli Edwards (below), Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton flew back to the U.S. from Paris on Friday—and before takeoff, he offered a passenger sitting in the bulkhead of coach $1,500 cash to swap seats with him. The man said no!

The plane they were on was an A330-200 American Airlines jet that operates between Paris and Charlotte. Cam signed a deal worth more than $100 million over five years (through 2021), so I’m not sure why he’s not flying in first class to begin with on a nine-plus-hour flight. If he doesn’t want to pay those crazy fares, he should at least get a good travel agent or advisor that can help him use miles/points to upgrade or something. Don’t you think?

What would you have done if Cam Newton offered you $1,500 to change seats with him (same situation: nine-plus-hour flight, swap would be from bulkhead coach to regular coach)? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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