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Name: Steve Perillo
Short Bio: Steve Perillo is the CEO of an international tour company by-day, and a composer by-night. Steve heads-up Perillo Tours, America’s largest travel company to Italy since 1945. He was a lifelong apprentice to the legendary Mario Perillo, Mr. Italy, and represents the 3rd generation of the family business. While specializing  in Italy tourism, Perillo also offers vacations to Greece, Hawaii and Costa Rica.
Occupation: Tour operator
Hometown: Pearl River, NY
Residence: Saddle River, NJ
College: Boston University
College major: Music
Website: &
Twitter: @StephenPerillo
Facebook: Perillo Tours
How are you doing with quarantine? See video
When or what will it take to get you to fly again? Possibly next week to Chicago
How many countries have you been to? Twenty something
How many continents have you been to? 6
Earliest travel memory: Driving to Indiana at six years old
Favorite American city: Besides NYC, Boston
Favorite international city: Rome
Friendliest people in the world: Ireland
I have no desire to go to: Can’t think of anywhere
Tell me about your travel app:
Favorite U.S. airport: Don’t have one
Favorite international airport: Don’t have one
Favorite airport lounge: Virgin Atlantic Clubs
Sat next to any famous celebs: Steve Martin
Drink of choice (in the air and on the ground): See video
Favorite restaurant: See video for name but an expensive Italian restaurant in Rome
Craziest thing you’ve eaten: I don’t even know what I ate but it was in Southeast Asia and it was delicious
Favorite travel credit card: American Express company card
Favorite island: St Bart’s
Favorite beach: Ipanema
Favorite travel movie: See video
Favorite travel show: Peter Greenberg’s Royal Tour
Favorite travel book: Gulliver’s Travel
Worst travel moment: Missing my flight in the Bahamas
Most embarrassing travel moment: See video
What’s your dream destination? I want to see more of Africa
What’s the most important thing travel has taught you: See video
Best travel tip: Pack light

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    Congrats! Happy to see you doing this podcast! I’ve been a long time reader of your newsletter. Wishing you all the best for you and your family’s future! bbh

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you!

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