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Short bio: Travelzoo’s Senior Editor and a leading expert on travel deals, tips and trends. I appear regularly on highly-rated networks, including NBC, CNN and Fox News, as well as affiliate stations in top TV markets around the country, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco. I am also regularly quoted in major publications, like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
Occupation: Travel journalist
Twitter: @gabesaglie
Instagram:  @gabesaglie
Facebook: @gabesaglie
YouTube: Gabe Saglie Show
Hometown: Oslo, Norway/Santiago, Chile/Los Angeles, CA
Residence: Los Angeles
College: UCLA
College major: English/pre-med
How are you doing with quarantine? See video
When or what will it take to get you to fly again? Tomorrow
How many miles do you fly a year or have flown? Over 100,000 a year
How many countries have you been to? Couple dozen
How many continents have you been to? 4
Favorite American city: NYC
Favorite international city: Dublin
Friendliest people in the world: Ireland
Country with the meanest immigration officers: USA
Favorite U.S. airport: Santa Barbara
Favorite international airport: LAX and Shannon
Favorite airport lounge: United’s in EWR TC
Longest flight you’ve taken: LHR-LAX
Favorite aircraft type: 787
Sat next to any famous celebs: Yes! Gayle King, Rachel Maddow…
Drink of choice (in the air and on the ground): Wine and Screwdriver
Favorite restaurant: Sante at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn  in Sonoma
Craziest thing you’ve eaten: Bugs in Thailand
Favorite hotel: See video
Best hotel view: Muse in NYC
Favorite travel credit card: United Explorer Card
Favorite island: Maui
Favorite beach: Polo Beach  in Wailea, Maui
Best place for adventure travel: Hawaii
Best sightseeing excursion/tour: Galway Food Tours in Galway, Ireland
Favorite travel movie: Eat Pray Love (+ A Good Year)
Favorite travel show: Amazing Race
Favorite travel book: Local guides
Worst travel moment: Had to go to the bathroom so bad on decent
Most embarrassing travel moment: See above
What’s your dream destination? Australia
What’s the most important thing travel has taught you: See video
Best travel tip: Charge up and bring food, snacks, movies

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