United baggage feesAfter JetBlue surprisingly raised its baggage fees by $5 a few days ago, I was quoted in an Associated Press (AP) article saying, “unfortunately, all it takes is one major airline to raise their prices or change their policies for the rest to follow.”

Sadly, I was right. United Airlines just announced the following: “We are making adjustments to our checked bag fees in select markets – most of which have not been changed in eight years. For tickets issued on/after August 31, we’re increasing first and second checked bag fees on Caribbean, Central and North America United and United Express-operated flights. Tickets that are voluuntarily [yes, they misspelled voluntarily] reissued on/after August 31 will also be subject to the new bag fees.”

As you can see from the chart above, most United baggage fees are going up $5, including on both the first and second checked bag.

Unfortunately, this means American and Delta Air Lines will definitely follow suit, which will only lead to more people trying to bring more checked bags (as in bags that in the past would have been checked) onto the plane, which will inevitably lead to delays and arguments between passengers.

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  1. Ali|

    Quick its a race to the bottom … can’t blame them what did airlines make in baggage and extra revenue in the last 5 years ? Billions of bottom line dollars…..

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