A unique travel gift that helps you remember the places you’ve visitedLast Saturday, while doing my weekly travel/tech segment on Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy, I learned about a creative, fun and possibly even romantic way to count the countries you’ve been to.

Traveller Collective is a Vancouver-based company that makes stainless steel rings engraved with the details of your travel memories. Each ring is 1cm (0.4″) in length and weighs 0.75g each. To buy a new ring, you simply note a country you’ve been to and the company will engrave the country’s three-letter abbreviation on it—plus, if you like, a two-character abbreviation of the year you were there. As you accumulate travels, you can buy more rings and add them to a clip and necklace. Traveller Collective also sells rings for U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

If you ask me, a ring collection is a great memento and a unique travel gift. Ring prices range from $3.25 to $7.50 each.

Note: As an added bonus, with every sale the company donates 20% to gift travel to someone. Here’s more.


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