ResortFeeChecker.comAs most of you know, I hate resort fees. I just think they’re sneaky. Not only do guests usually get dinged at check-in by them, and not only are they usually discovered too late to avoid paying them because they’re buried in the fine print (which no one reads), but also because resort fees are a way for hotels to avoid paying more taxes. I really hope, at the least, that the government steps up and makes hoteliers fully disclose them during the booking process in the near future.

In the meantime, is an online tool that allows you to quickly look up the resort fee at over 2,000 hotels worldwide. Chances are, if the hotel charges a mandatory resort fee, it’s on this site. I just tested it out and checked the two hotels that I just stayed in last week that I know had resort fees, the Thompson Miami Beach and Fountainebleau Miami Beach, and both are listed accurately.

It’s worth noting that I couldn’t search for the Fontainebleau by its name like I could with the Thompson, and that I found it by searching Miami hotels. The site obviously has some holes but it’s still a valuable tool for travelers. Bookmark it.

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