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The Dream Adventures initiative—a partnership between Expedia and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital—is helping bring the magic of travel to the children of St. Jude. It’s a great, heartwarming project.

Limited by their health, these children don’t have the ability to travel and live out their “dream adventures”—which in this video series include playing with monkeys, running with horses, digging for dinosaurs, and swimming in the sea. But through Dream Adventures, they’re able to experience the next best thing: a real-time, 360-degree, virtual reality version of their travel dreams, projected on four walls and the floor and ceiling of a first-of-its-kind space. In the first video (above), for example, Kiara loves horses, and so she’s able to visit wild horses out on a windy plain somewhere, all the while sharing the experience with a real guide (Sarah) connecting in real-time from the plain.

You can watch the whole series, and better yet donate dollars or Expedia points to the cause, here.

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