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My buddy Rick Steves offers up some of his informative PBS shows on YouTube, and one of them is his 24-minute episode “Paris: Regal and Intimate.” As Rick writes “In Paris, amidst all of its grandeur, the little joys of life are still embraced. In this first of two episodes on Paris, we’ll cruise the Seine River, visit Napoleon’s tomb, and take in the Louvre. Then we’ll feel the pulse of Paris—shopping in village-like neighborhoods, attending church in a grand pipe organ loft, and celebrating the mother of all revolutions with a big, patriotic Bastille Day bang.”

I know a lot of travelers are afraid to go to Paris right now and I’ve heard many are even canceling their trips, but I think that’s a mistake. That’s exactly what the bad guys want us to do.

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  1. stevenjohnson|

    we are planning to visit this place very soon in few months.
    Thank’s for sharing this video.

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