Ready to pack your bags and go, go, go? If Europe is on your upcoming travel itinerary or if you’re just wondering about traveling to Europe right now, this should be helpful. My friend Cynthia Wylie recently returned from Belgium and the Netherlands and shared these thoughts about her experience:

Q: Where and when did you go?
A: Belgium and the Netherlands, 3/16 – 3/29

Q: What were your destinations like? Similar to pre-pandemic? If not, how?
A: Both were mostly open. The first few days in the Netherlands, we had to wear a mask on the train. The last week, we did not, but we still did anyway. Arriving in Belgium, we had to fill out a form to present before Customs (we did it before we left). The purpose was contact tracing for Covid. We also had to take a Covid test 24 hours before leaving back to the U.S. It was pricey – 99 euro.

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Q: Are locals worried about a nuclear attack?
A: Yes. I spoke to my brother-in-law about it and there exists a constant, albeit low-level concern. Europe in general is very anti-Putin and quite upset by what is happening in Ukraine.

Q: What are your tips for traveling to your destination?
A: Give yourself a bit more time at the airports. Hardly any businesses other than grocery stores take money anymore. You need either credit or debit cards to buy anything. I imagine that initially, this was to avoid passing anything that could carry the virus, including money. And now, it seems like the euro is just a digital currency.

Q: Would you go back this summer and/or do you recommend fellow citizens travel there this spring or summer or wait until next year?
A: Absolutely. Looking forward to returning soon. I highly recommend traveling to Europe this year.

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