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Recently, I took the a Greyhound bus from Erie, PA to Toronto, Ontario. When I arrived at the bus station, I asked the attendant working the Greyhound ticket booth if the bus was on time. He said he’d heard it was. Heard? How did he not know for sure? I’m not sure why Greyhound hasn’t implemented the same GPS technology as Uber—or doesn’t require the drivers to send a Glympse so they know exactly where their drivers are.

The good news is you don’t have to live in the dark ages. If Greyhound can’t let customers know where their buses are, one way to get around the issue is to download the Glympse app for free on your smartphone. Glympse displays your moving location on a map, which you can send to whomever you want via email, text or your social media handles. You can even put a time limit on your Glympse so that the tracking stops after a certain period. By sending a Glympse, your loved ones/colleagues/friends will know exactly where you are and even the speed you’re traveling at. It’s especially handy when someone is picking you up somewhere, as they’ll know exactly where you are and when you’ll arrive.



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  1. Host Mike|

    The smartphone map app WAZE can do that as well.

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