Sleeping on planeGet Better Sleep on a Plane
Bring ear plugs and an eye mask if you want to sleep on the plane. It sounds simple, but they really do help you create an ideal sleeping environment by blocking out all the sound and light.

And instead of using the cheap, scratchy eye masks that the airlines sometimes pass out on long flights, I bring my own fluffy one. I might look silly in it, but it feels so good and does the trick. You can get good ones for under $10 on

FYI: The device in the photo above is the Travel Rest Pillow.


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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Get Better Sleep on a Plane"
  1. Giovanna|

    Johnny, I notice your “head pillow” is unique in that it straps across your chest. Is that your favorite, and could you share your top recommendations for head pillows? I have gone through so many over the years and never did come up with the ideal pillow that would allow me to sleep on long flights. I bought Nodstop for my husband, btw, and he loves it, but it didn’t work for me, as I think I do better with something around my neck. Thank you very much.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Giovanna,

      That’s the Travel Rest Pillow ( I used it on one haul flight and it was okay. Still not perfect but some people might love it

      1. Gretchen|

        I personally do not love it. I have used it on two flights to Africa and it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be. Going back to my old 3/4 donut pillow…

  2. Jeffrey Miller|

    I totally agree with your tip. I too have purchased a quality eye cover for my travels. I’d like to add the use of the new Bose QC20 in ear noise canceling headphones. I just flew a 15.5 hour non-stop from jfk to jnb (Johannesburg, South Africa) and can’t say enough about having peace and quiet on the airplane. I will add that I work for Bose, but my review is absolutely true and unbiased. I thought my Bose QC15’s were great, these are the best.

  3. Ben|

    Great article. Traveling with sleep mask is a good idea. It blocks the light and help us for better sleep. Before traveling I always put my sleep mask in my traveling luggage.

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