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I don’t know about you, but either I’m getting older or restaurants are getting darker. Luckily, technology is keeping up. When it’s too dark to read the menu, or if I’m trying to find the keyhole to my patio door at night, I just whip out my smartphone and bring up the flashlight app that I’ve already downloaded for FREE. It’s saved me so many times. All you need to do is search “flashlight app” and you’ll be given plenty of options—like this one. Or, you can just use the built-in flashlight function that comes standard with many phones these days (see image).



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Free Flashlight"
  1. Rachelle McGee Polgar|

    I downloaded a free flash light app during a blizzard last year when we lost power. Great for finding those candles and matches, but drains the battery quickly!

  2. Kathy Forred|

    Agree– there are several flashlight apps and I use one occasionally when just the phone screen isn’t enough, but for serious travelers and anyone else who doesn’t want to be caught in the dark, there is no substitute for 4 Sevens Mini MA. Part of my EDC. http://tinyurl.com/k3wjv7z

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