Bison roaming Yellowstone National Park
Bison roaming Yellowstone National Park on my recent trip there

Don’t Touch Injured Wild Animals
If you’re in a National Park and you see an animal that looks like it needs help, track down a park ranger. Don’t touch it and put it in your car like these tourists did recently in Yellowstone. After they picked up an injured bison calf and brought it to park rangers, the rangers brought it back to where it had been found in the first place. They then tried to reunite it with its herd numerous times, but when that failed, they had to euthanize. According to a park statement, “The bison calf was later euthanized because it was abandoned and causing a dangerous situation by continually approaching people and cars along the roadway.”

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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don't Touch Injured Wild Animals"
  1. Judy Jones|

    It was not even injured, they thought it looked cold….. I actually have a woman staying with us from Italy, who was attacked by an Elk in Yellowstone this week. Bruises, cuts and torn pants…..

  2. james anderson|

    Thank you very much for given information, I follow all these thinks ….

  3. Animals|

    That should actually come as a no-brainer, but a friendly reminder like that is always great!

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