CarouselDon’t Ride the Luggage Carousel
I’ve written before about the importance of staying away from the baggage carousel as you wait for your bags to show up. Well, there are signs everywhere, and it usually goes without saying, but you definitely shouldn’t ride the carousel, either—because it might just get you arrested. The son of Rod Stewart was just arrested for doing just this, and he’s not the only recent example, as a member of the band Puddle of Mudd was also recently taken in for the same thing.

A potential arrest isn’t even the biggest risk, as it’s also dangerous to ride the carousel. In fact, back in 2013, a baby was killed on a baggage carousel in Spain. So however tempted you might be to hop on for a ride, don’t do it. It’s not worth the trouble.



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don't Ride the Luggage Carousel"
  1. Kathleen|

    Wouldn’t you think that you could have used common sense? How sad for the baby who died. How easy it would have been for them to just put him down on the ground (if they had his baby seat), or if the parent(s) just held onto him. We usually wait for the luggage to start arriving, and then we go to the OTHER side of the carousel to get our bags because it’s less crowded.

  2. Kenneth Karl Nielsen|

    This tip should not really be necessary – should it.
    Nonetheless I have seen people do it several times, and I have never seene airport officials stopping it.
    Another piece of advice could be – Take it easy, dont rush to the Luggage Carousel. You will get your luggage in time anyway.

  3. camilla|

    i travel alot, and i see that kind off things my self, and that makes me really annoyed!

    regards Camilla

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