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Japan snackDon’t Leave Japan Without Buying this Addictive Snack
While in Tokyo’s Narita International Airport recently, I noticed passengers going crazy in the Duty Free shops, buying boxes of something called Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru Snacks. They were in such demand that the employee who was trying to restock the shelves just left the boxes on a trolley and let customers grab them from there.

At first I thought I was on some kind of Candid Camera-style TV show to see if they could get customers to buy something without knowing exactly what it was (everything on the box is written in Japanese). Before looking like a sucker, I tweeted a photo of the box and asked if anyone knew why these were so popular. A follower responded immediately saying that the snack was so good and can only be bought online or in the airport.

I decided to buy two boxes—each comes with 10 individual packets—since I didn’t have much room in my carry-on. When I arrived home, I opened up one of them and after one bite I immediately started kicking myself for not buying the maximum amount. One store had a five-box limit while another (by the gate) had a 10-box limit. They cost 600 yen each ($5 USD) in the store but on Amazon they go for a whopping $23 USD.

According to their website, they “use choice potatoes that are cut without peeling to retain the flavor of the skin. [Their] unique processing method, called ‘SUCCT,’ achieves a crispy texture. The roasted salt that is added to the French fries is produced at Lake Saroma, in the Okhotsk district. It complements the flavor of the product.”

All I know is that these French fry chips are so darn good that I’m seriously thinking about making another trip through NRT just to stock up. Don’t make the same mistake I did: If you’re traveling to or through Japan, be sure to buy as many Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru Snacks as you can! I’m pretty sure you’ll love them and they make a great, unique gift for friends and family back home.



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don't Leave Japan Without Buying this Addictive Snack"
  1. Lindo Korchi|

    Thanks for sharing! I will def. keep my eye open for it when in Narita. I enjoy how Japan has specialty sweets within each area, such as Kyoto with their Yatsuhashi & Fukuoka with their Hakata Torimon — now its Narita airport with their Potato Farm. I’d like to know, though, where exactly in the airport did you find it?

  2. Cliburn|

    I have them in the overhead as I head home from NRT.
    The main store was sold out, but they had a lot near the AA gate. I bought 4 — as many as I could reasonably carry.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Did you try them?

  3. Cliburn|

    BTW the price is now 800 yen/box

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know!

  4. RaiderHoosier|

    got your original note while I was in Asia so grabbed them a couple of days ago as I departed NRT; overall, I’d rather have Pringles ! However, my daughter loves them. To me, it tastes like a very crunchy McDonald’s french fry with a touch of miso soup.

    Your comments are right on as it pertains to the popularity. The workers were unloading a new cart as we entered the store but I didn’t want to stand 30-deep to check out. Fortunately, the store near the AA gates had them with no line.

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