Avoid Newark Airport This Summer (If You Can)
If you’ll be traveling this summer, I’d suggest avoiding Newark Liberty International Airport if you can as they’ll be closing their Air Train (which connects the airport to the city) between May 1-July 15. That’s during summer’s peak travel season! What were they thinking? Even Amtrak won’t be stopping at Newark Airport’s train station, so the only way to get to the airport will be via taxi or bus or the replacement shuttle bus, which will leave from downtown Newark. That’s not even the worst news. Get this: On April 1st, they shut down a major runway to begin rehabilitation work for 60 days. I had a friend who flew through there last week and as a result, she was stuck on the runway for two and a half hours before taking off for Europe. Yikes!

They’re also shutting down the AirTrain between terminals so there will be shuttle buses between the three terminals and the other locations. As one reader put it, this is going to be a big mess!

Here’s more information (more in both links above as well).



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Avoid Newark Airport This Summer (If You Can)"
  1. Sumi|

    If you must use Newark Airport to go to or from New York City, please be aware of timing. The Lincoln Tunnel is under construction nights and weekends, the Holland Tunnel NYC entrance is under construction, and the Pulaski Skyway ( a major bridge to connect to tunnels) is closed for 2 years. Your car/bus/taxi drive will be considerably longer

  2. Jerry Mandel|

    Air Train is silly. Airporter bus is fastest and cheapest.

  3. Anonymous|

    Oh , come on . Look at the bright side you can take the shuttle and see al of Newark’s wonderful sights. Just try and find one

  4. Anonymous|

    Just flew into EWR and I can confirm it was a giant mess. About a 1.5 hour delay getting off the ground due to weather and runway construction in NJ (flights the day prior saw 3 hour delays, so I guess we were lucky). Once at EWR, simply getting to Avis to retrieve our rental car was a nightmare. As the article says, they have “shuttle buses” to take you from one terminal to the next (or to the rental cars). The shuttle area is disorganized and there weren’t enough vehicles to handle demand–it was standing room only on the shuttles. We also had a baby and stroller in tow on this trip, which pretty much made it all but impossible to board the small shuttle. We ended up just using Uber and cancelling our rental car. Parents, think twice before making this trip. Anyone else, just know what you’re getting into before departing.

    1. Jerry Mandel|

      At EWR, use the Airporter bus-fast and cheap

  5. Anonymous|

    Flew in and out of Newark last week, delayed 2 hours on way in & 4 hours on way back. Awful!

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