SpiderAlways Shake Your Shoes
I always shake my shoes before putting them on, no matter if I’m traveling to a tropical place or not. The reason why? I never know what’s crawled in overnight—or the past few hours.

I was reminded why I do this just the other day when I shook a pair of my shoes that were in my garage and a spider jumped out. Spiders (like the ones in California) usually don’t scare me, but some do…like the one in the photo above that I once found in my room in Hamilton Island, Australia. Can you imagine sliding your foot into your shoe and feeling that guy?



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1 Comment On "Travel Tip of the Day: Always Shake Your Shoes"
  1. Diane|

    Holy crap! That makes me want to shake my shoes, my clothes and everything else I touch – even at home. That’s scary!!! Thanks for all your helpful travel tips. They’re appreciated.

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