NapoliKeep Zippers Zipped
The other day I was transferring through the Napoli train station and I noticed that my dad’s bag was partially unzipped. Naples is notorious for thieves, but really any train station, airport or touristy place is a risk when traveling with valuables or lots of stuff. Don’t make it easy for thieves to steal from you. Always make sure your luggage zippers are closed. Better yet, lock them or use ties to make it even more difficult to get inside your bag.


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1 Comment On "Travel Tip of the Day: Keep Zippers Zipped"
  1. Marilyn B|

    Our new personal bag is a small Chaps duffel style tote that is small enough to meet airline regulations but it has zipper pulls that don’t have any holes, I was wondering how to “lock” this bag which would have all our meds, chargers, toiletries, etc., when stowing it on a plane or with hotel staff. Then I realized one of my cable style locks would fit through the space where the zipper pulls attach to the zipper mechanism. Cable locks are more secure than plastic ties which can be cut more easily, and they usually are combination locks. Worked great on our trip. Mine came with my older Tumi luggage, but you can just search the web and find lots.

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