Have you ever been outside the country and had your online experience curtailed, limited, or completely blacked out because of your geography? Cocoon has a solution—a cheaper, simpler solution than you’ve probably seen before. It’s a browser that functions like a VPN. And it costs just $1.49/month (or $9.95/year).

Regionally restricted content is for now a fundamental part of the online experience due to licensing reasons, especially in countries with stricter regimes. For example, there are YouTube videos that can’t be viewed in certain parts of the world. The online platforms of America’s TV networks and premium channels won’t play their shows and movies outside the US. And then there’s Netflix in most international places, news sites in countries that block them, and on and on. Putting the rationality and politics behind the situation aside, regional restrictions matter when you’re traveling or living abroad. You might need news from your trusted news source, you might need Gmail or Facebook to stay in touch, and you might just need to watch the latest episode of American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson (a good show).

Simply put, Cocoon lets you bring the internet you use at home with you, anywhere in the world. You just sign up, pay the $1.49 (you get a 15-day free trial to start), download the browser (for Mac, Windows, and most Linux systems), and get to it. Cocoon’s American servers act as a proxy and connect you from an American IP address (meaning websites will see you as accessing them from America). And because you’re being routed through these advanced and dynamic servers, you’re protected from an entire category of malware, viruses, etc. Many won’t get through Cocoon to your browser, and with the patent-pending “isolation technology,” more formidable malware attacks won’t through to your hard drive.

Sounds like an enhanced VPN, right? Pretty much—but again, it’s a browser. Without having heard of Cocoon, you can be up and running securely and privately, anywhere in the world, in maybe 90 seconds (I’d really suggest setting up before you leave the country). You can also seamlessly move among devices Cocoon is installed in, meaning you can pick up a browsing experience exactly where you left it just by logging in. The value of that $1.49/month secures you, in full website detail:


Check out more on Cocoon, see how to download it and begin your free 15-day trial here.

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