You must buy travel insurance before a hurricane is named and by this time

Hurricane season in the Atlantic began ten days ago on June 1 and will run until November 30. In its annual forecast, the NOAA predicted a “near-normal Atlantic hurricane season” with 9-15 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes and 2-4 major hurricanes. It also released the upcoming list of tropical storm names, the next of which will be “Barry.”

Credit: NOAA

In a recent and relevant exchange on Twitter, Allianz (I have an annual policy and am an ambassador for the company) confirmed an important point for one of our readers: When buying travel insurance, you must buy a policy before a storm is named to ensure coverage. Allianz also adds that, “Insurance can be bought up until the day before you depart however, we recommend buying soon after you book your trip in order for your investment to be protected by the Trip Cancellation benefit.”

Not all insurers are the same, however. As Forbes writes in this guide to buying travel insurance, with some companies you may “have to buy travel insurance within 15 days of booking your trip.” So if you’re thinking of protecting your investment, make sure to touch base with the insurance companies you’re looking at to find out when the deadline to buy is (if it’s not the day before you depart, as it is with Allianz).




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1 Comment On "You Must Buy Travel Insurance Before a Hurricane Is Named"
  1. Anel Raj|

    Be very careful of Allianz Insurance, I am still trying to fight for my claim since April 29, 2019. I bought 2 Premium select tickets on flight from LAX to Sydney, Australia. We bought travel insurance thru Delta airlines website which uses Allianz company. Unfortunately, my brother passed away 3 days before the day of my flight. So I cancelled the trip and filed the claim but Allianz insurance keeps asking for more ticket information. I have submitted all the documents three times. All they do is review and ask for more. It’s June 11, 2019 and we are still waiting. I paid for the tickets with American Express Delta card. So far no luck.

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