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If you’re looking for inspiration to travel the world—especially with a little one by your side—then check out Vagabond3, run by my friend Jade. She takes amazing photos and travels the world with her husband Bobby and their daughter Augustine (hence the name Vagabond3). In 2009, a Twitter contest propelled them on their first around-the-world trip and seven years later they are still traveling. As Jade writes on her blog: “We never miss an opportunity to snap a sunset shot, taste-test tacos or hike a mountain. We’ve embarked on a lifetime of adventures and we want you to join the fun.”

While some people hate thunder storms, I love them. I love snuggling up under covers as the rain comes down, I love sipping a hot chocolate as the lighting lights up the sky, and I love the sound of thunder. But even more than all of that, I love after the storm has passed and the clouds open up the beautiful blue skies, with a mist in the air and the most gorgeous sunsets. @VisitKnoxville was showing off tonight, and even though the rain meant my late afternoon mountain bike ride had to be postponed, it also meant I had more time for exploring areas I might not have gotten to on this trip. Fort Dickerson Quarry was one such place that wasn’t on my itinerary per se, and yet I’m so happy we were able to explore the area. With a mix of Civil War history, outdoor adventure (anyone up for an afternoon swim?!) and jaw dropping beauty, this unassuming spot is located right over the river from downtown and the football stadium. This was one of those pinch me moments – of which I’ve had many so far in Knoxville. Can’t wait to show you more of my trip!

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