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Josh Gates (gatesygram)
If you don’t know Josh Gates, then you don’t watch the Travel channel or Syfy, where he hosts hit TV series. Expedition Unknown is currently in its second season on Travel, and Syfy has reruns all the time of his former show Destination Truth. Josh is an amazing guy and not only fun to hang out with in person but on Instagram, as well. He’s traveled to over 100 countries and is constantly exploring the globe.  

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Last week, my team and I traveled from the Siberian city of Yakutsk to a Russian frontier town a few hundred miles above the Arctic circle. To get there, we flew aboard a 40+ year old Antonov AN-26 cargo plane. It was fascinating, and kind of terrifying. Today, we flew back. The flight attendant, Monika, not only remembered my name, but looked me up online and discovered it was my birthday. She and her staff had a friend bake a cake in Yakutsk, flew it north, and presented it to me on the return flight. On a day when I was feeling very far from my family and friends, I was bowled over by this incredible gesture. Thank you to @monik_melnik_ and the staff of Polar Air. People talk about a new Cold War between the U.S. and Russia. Well, today, relations have never felt warmer. Spasiba!

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