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Most Traveled People (MTP) was founded in 2005 to create a community and set of standards for the world’s most extreme travelers. As written on the organization’s FAQ page, “A lack of standards had existed since the year 2000, when Guinness declared itself unable to continue to judge the Most Traveled category. Guinness requested that a legitimate 3rd party organization pick up this task, so MTP was born.”

MTP has a community over 25,000 people, all of whom are ranked by their experience in a number of travel categories (including how many of MTP’s 873 Master List destinations they’ve visited). I’m part of MTP myself, though I haven’t updated my stats in years (I need to get crackin’). Well, MTP recently joined Instagram and has been posting or reposting some amazing travel photos…including one of mine of Toronto (below)!

If you’re into country- or destination-counting, you should definitely sign up to MTP and follow the account on Instagram.


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Great shot of the Toronto skyline by @johnnyjet #mosttraveledpeople

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  1. Earl B.|

    I love the MTP website. I know many look down upon country counters, but I find it fun to keep track of where I’ve been, and the site is wonderful for getting new ideas for places to go. The listing of world heritage sites is especially useful, and I always check it when planning a new trip to see if I can incorporate one or more of the historic sites into my itinerary.

    The entire site underwent a major re-design recently, so it is now much more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly than it used to be.

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