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LO Altitude (loaltitude) is an Instagram account run by David “LO” Lombardo. The guy posts funny and crazy aviation-themed photos, videos and graphics. Most of it is for mature audiences, so I suggest you avoid checking it out around your little kids. The post of his that introduced me to him, and which also went viral, featured a woman stripping in the Miami airport (see it here). I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the MIA airport, but it’s absolutely freezing. (An airport worker once told me that they keep it so cold to keep all the germs at bay.) It’s pretty wild, in any case.

More on David Lombardo of LO Altitude

The man behind LO Altitude also has a podcast called “Aviation LO Down.” His short episodes (15-30 minutes) include titles like “Melatonin, Stimulants, and The Longest Flight on Earth,” “Delta Flight 975 – Stranded At JFK” and “@fitaviatorsclub – The Man Who’s Helping Pilots Stay In Shape.” Here’s more on David straight from the podcast’s website (specifically the media kit there):

“My name is David Lombardo, perhaps best known as the face of ATC Memes. I have a deep passion for aviation, music/audio, video, building relationships, learning, and encouraging people to share their own unique stories. I attended Purdue University and majored in aviation management, and later found myself working at the New York Center air traffic facility. This is when I decided to create video and audio skits related to aviation. These productions went viral, and arguably introduced an entirely new format of entertainment into the industry.

“My primary mission is to keep aviation fun, and to encourage people to share their own creative
side in an industry that is not often seen as such.”

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  1. TheMontanaAviator|

    I have been following LO for years, even as far back as before ATC Memes…out of all the internet celebrities I have met nobody has ever been warmer and more open than Dave. Met him at sun n fun a few years back and he invited me to lunch with him and a bunch of really beautiful women (lol). He had me in tears from laughing. he’s totally one of these guys who acts absolutely nuts but once you get to know him, he’s a total genius. super cool to see his page come up on here!

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