(Credit: Eurail)
(Credit: Eurail)

If you’ve ever taken a train in Europe, you know how great the European rail network is. Traveling the continent by rail is one of the classic travel experiences for an American, and it can be an easy, fun and cheap (especially if you get a Eurail pass) way to see multiple destinations in one trip.

Eurail’s free Rail Planner app is designed to make European rail travel even easier by providing offline access to departure and arrival times for European trains. The Eurail network includes domestic and international trains in 28 European countries, and the app includes times for all of them—again, offline. Over one million users have downloaded the Rail Planner app, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

As noted on the site: “In addition to the offline timetable that shows you the arrival and departure times for European trains, the app can also help you:

  • Find train stations near your current position
  • Look up departure and arrival information for every station
  • Save your most frequent searches as favourites
  • See all benefits for Eurail pass holders
  • View city maps of major European cities
  • Read country facts of all participating countries”


Download it (on iPhone or Android) before you go, and enjoy your next trip!

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