Anti MosquitoMost travelers know that there’s an app for practically everything these days—and even they’ll be excited to learn about this free anti-mosquito app! When I travel—especially to countries where malaria is prevalent—I’m a complete nut trying to prevent mosquito bites since I don’t like to take the anti-malaria pills. Usually I lather up in bug spray, but with this Anti Mosquito app in my arsenal, things just got a lot easier.

Here’s how it works: The app emits a very unique high frequency sound (ultra sound) that the insects dislike, which keeps them away. The even better news is that the pitch of the sound is so high that most humans don’t notice anything at all.

Of course, it doesn’t guarantee 100% protection as there are “about 3,500 known mosquito species in the world and they all react slightly different to the repellent.” But, you can “use the pitch selector to find optimal repelling frequency for the mosquitoes in your region. I’m going to try today! Vogue magazine just quoted them as saying it’s “better than your mother’s homemade mosquito-bite remedies.” And it’s available for both Android and iOS. Sign me up!

Tried it? Let me know how it worked!

6 Comments On "Travel App of the Week: Anti Mosquito - Sonic Repeller"
  1. Anonymous|

    Saw them test it on the Today Show about 3 weeks ago. Does absolutely nothing. Here’s the link to the dismal results:

  2. Anja|

    Per scientists there is no scientific proof that mosquitoes can hear or that they respond to sonic repellers. I looked up the research and found that these devices only have a placebo effect and don’t work in reality. In fact in some studies people were bitten more often rather than less using the sonic repeller apps. Bottom line? They do not work. Sorry. I would be cool if they did work!

  3. Brian Luckhurst|

    I hate these pesky things so this sounds like a must for me!!

  4. Nancy Reid|

    I saw it tested as well. The person testing it out was eaten alive! You might want to check out this product though! for your home! @dynatrap

  5. Anonymous|

    Please test it out & let us know your results. I am a mosquito magnet & I’ve had this app for a month & tried the different settings . As soon as I get a bite I end up spraying on the mosquito repellant. I really want it to work, but I don’t think it does! Don’t want West Nile Virus!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I tried it today and it wasn’t working too well for me either!

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