Today is National Cheap Flight Day. I didn’t know it was a thing either but apparently it has been for eight years. As you probably know, I’m all for finding cheap airfare deals. Here are my top 17 ways to find cheap flights.

Finding cheap flights is how I’ve been able to afford my lifestyle. In the late ’90s and early 2000s, I used to love SmarterTravel’s round-up of last-minute weekend getaways. That’s how I was able to fly every other weekend from Los Angeles to New York so I could visit my mother for three years before she passed away from cancer. 

Unfortunately, the airlines don’t offer those types of deals anymore, at least not with any regularity. So now I scour the internet, subscribe to countless newsletters and follow airlines, brands, bloggers and influencers online to find great deals.

I also do a lot of research myself, which is how I was able to find Premium Economy tickets to Barcelona (here’s my trip report) and Business Class back from Naples (here’s that trip report) for $2,200 this past summer. Having comfortable seats makes a long flight so much more enjoyable.

Finding cheap flights is one reason I started my free newsletter in 1995 in the first place. The other reason is that I know what it’s like to be afraid to fly, even to leave the house, and be stuck in the back of the plane in a middle seat while I watched others travel like rock stars. I quickly learned that you don’t need a lot of money to travel well. You just need to do your research and have some luck on your side.

One of the newsletters I subscribed to (full disclosure: they do cover my membership fee and pay me a small commission fee) is, formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights. But regardless of whether they paid my fee or not, I would still recommend them because they’re a great place to find deals.

They have a free membership version but their paid membership is worth the fee if you plan on traveling at least a couple times a year. Their 2-year membership is normally $398 but it’s on sale today for $249.99. Their 5-year membership is normally $995, on sale for $499.99.

To give you an idea why it’s worth it, here’s a deal from their newsletter that they sent out to Los Angeles subscribers (I assume these deals are good for other airports). Premium Economy from LAX to Stockholm, Sweden, normally $1,690 for $918 Roundtrip on SAS with a stop in Copenhagen. There’s also Hamburg, Germany for $1,030 and Palanga, Lithuania for $959. It’s good for November – December and January – May. Yes, the airlines block out the busy Christmas period and you would too, if you were the CEO.

Most of their deals are for economy like this one to Tokyo for just $630 roundtrip or Dublin, Ireland for $493 roundtrip on American Airlines. The deals usually last just a day or two but sometimes even just hours, which is why it’s important to jump on them right away.

I’ve already booked our family flights to Europe for next summer using just 30,000 AA miles but that’s going to have to be another story.

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