What: Submit the best caption for this photo and win a travel package valued at $120 USD.

Photo by: Jen Miner The Louvre- Paris France

1. 1000 Places To See Before You Die: The New York Times Bestseller’s second edition by author and veteran travel journalist Patricia Schultz, boasts 200 all-new entries (28 countries with 600 full-color paragraphs.) From a trek through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to a sunrise balloon safari over Masai Mara, 1000 Places  features unbelievable adventures for every the destination. Each entry details the who, what, when, why, and how of all the must-see hotels, restaurants, and attractions coupled with all the nitty-gritty details; the contact websites, prices, and best times to visit. This book is a reference must-have for any travel junkie library. ($20 USD)

2. Travel Halo: Mike Vahey was tired of what he calls “Travel Zombie Syndrome” (TZS), a common condition brought upon by long hours of travel, no sleep, and uncomfortable pillow. “To keep a wheel from rolling you wedge two chalks on both sides,” Vahey says of the logic for his compact and effective invention. “Similarly the pillows [on the halo] also cradle your head and keep it from moving.” It’s this ingenuity which led to the  design of his Travel Halo; the secret to getting some beauty rest while in the air.

3. Virgin Atlantic Sleep Suit: This medium-sized, upper-class sleep suit from Virgin Atlantic comes in a black bag with a silverish embroider design. Put this comfortable, jersey like suit on and you’ll be able to pass out on an overnight flight, with a middle seat in business class.

4. Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations Collection 6 Parts 1 & 2: On the Travel Channel’s most popular Emmy-winning series, Bourdain continues to explore every corner of the globe and encounters the wild and outrageous personalities that defines the international cultural landscape through their cuisines. The food is only the surface of a deeper look into how people live their lives in faraway lands. From Istanbul to Madrid to Pakistan and Dubai, this two part set will leave you both hungry and motivated to travel the globe for yourself. And when you do, you’ll have these DVDs to pass time on the plane.

How: Leave the caption in the comment section below. Include your name and an email address. All official contest rules apply.

When: The last day/time to enter will be on Monday, July 23rd at 6pm PT. The winner will be announced Wednesday, July 25th and be contacted by a JohnnyJet.com representative.

14 Comments On "This Week's Contest 7/18: Caption This Photo"
  1. Erik|

    World’s greatest…repository…of fine art…so….boring….

  2. Deborah Roberfts|

    We are having a long “layover” during our travel!

  3. Cail|

    …And this is the last time we’re ever bringing our kids on vacation with us.

  4. Mariah|

    The downside of that cheap red-eye from Chicago.

  5. Michael E. Spoon|

    Too many paintings, not enough sleep

  6. William Chinn|

    What do you mean they can’t snow plow the runway? We’ve been waiting here for 4 days!

  7. Ian|

    I just got Louvre’d…@TheLouvre

  8. Dan Nguyen|

    no more museum please!

  9. R. Price|

    At the end of the art exhibit folks, you will see our live exhibit called,”snoozing at the Louvre”

    ‘snoozing at the

  10. Jonathon Squires|

    Wow….I love this new modern art exhibit is moving.

  11. Betty Moser|

    For jet lag sag take a snooze at the Louvre

  12. Marybeth|

    Salvador Dali “Sleeping with a Key” amended to Sleeping with kin”

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