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Without a doubt, airports and airplanes are going to be packed this holiday season. With that in mind, security checkpoints are going to be crazier than ever. One way to avoid long lines is to either sign up for CLEAR (if your airport and terminal offer it) and/or get TSA PreCheck. RELATED: The Trick to Getting TSA PreCheck Fast and 4 Other Tips You Need to Know

If you are traveling with gifts, always carry on the expensive or fragile ones (as long as they don’t contain more than 3.4 ounces of liquid) and check your clothes.

In the past, I would recommend travelers not wrap their presents because if they’re flagged by the x-ray machines, either in your carry-on or checked luggage, TSA agents will rip the wrapping paper off. That’s why I suggest packing wrapping paper, scissors, and tape in your checked bag if you absolutely need to or get supplies at your destination to avoid the aggravation.

TSA shared a video with more details and information that all holiday travelers should heed:

In the video, Officer Torres says: “Alright, we’re going to talk about traveling with gifts. TSA recommends that you do not wrap your gift in any gift wrapping paper or using tape at all. If your present does trigger the alarm, we will have to open it to resolve that alarm and we don’t want to go ahead and tear up that beautiful wrapping paper of yours. So we always recommend that you use either a gift bag, placing the item here, covering it up with some tissue paper, even using one of these gift boxes. You can easily place your gift inside. Once again, cover it up with some tissue paper. If it does trigger an alarm, we will easily be able just to open it, comb through the items and resolve your alarm, just like that.”

That is indeed how to pack smart. So if you don’t want to hold up the line or get aggravated, this is advice you should follow.

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