As a traveler I’m always saving emails to respond to them or follow up later, and quite frankly it clogs my inbox and my drafts folder. Oftentimes it’s embarrassing—like if I forget to follow up with a friend or colleague after I said I would. I sometimes use the delay delivery option on my Microsoft Outlook, but it doesn’t always work.

Then a friend told me about FollowUpThen. I’ve only been using it for several years and don’t know how I would manage my life without it! I think it’s perfect for travelers since we’re always trying to remember to “follow up” with people on and after trips.

So instead of leaving the same message sitting in your inbox “just so you don’t forget,” just forward it to a FollowUpThen address, and the email will arrive back the moment you need it. All you do is send the email (to, Cc or Bcc, which all perform different functions) to the address using the time you want it to be resent back to you. Here are some examples:


It takes a minute to sign up, and it’s a huge help. You can be your own personal assistant, making sure you have the contact info, links, boarding passes, and whatever else at exactly the right times!

4 Comments On "The Email Reminder Service I Use To Manage My Life"
  1. Haywood Toussant|

    Johnny Jet is on a river boat cruise through France. Johnny is talking about traveling through Heathrow, when connecting from the US to Europe, transiting can be a nightmare security-wise.

  2. TDHill|

    OMG, my world just shifted on its axis! Thanks for this info that I think will transform my email inbox, daily frustration level, and relationship with those “forgetful recipients!”

  3. Carolyn Fisher|

    One more safety tip for at home or travel. Especially in earthquake country we have learned to keep a pair of shoes under your bed. Then you can find them in the dark and walk safely over broken glass and other debris to leave the building. I keep a spare pair of shoes in my car as well. In case of an accident or empty gas tank, You don’t want to have to travel any distance by foot in flip-flops or in High heels!

  4. Patrick B|

    You could also use an app such as Google Tasks or simply set an item on your calendar (Google
    Calendar, Outlook, etc.). These will typically give you an option to have a reminder on your phone or an email reminder sent.

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