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I get a lot of reader questions asking for travel tips. A while back, I got one that’s not typical, but, it’s a good one and may be helpful to everyone, so here goes. The question came from a reader named Scott: “I know the following question is personal and strange but do you recommend any men’s underwear that will keep you cool and comfortable on long flights?”

It’s a great question and I can say it’s not one I’ve ever been asked before!

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Obviously, underwear choice comes down to a lot of personal preference, but I do actually have a favorite. When I fly, I almost always wear Scottevest underwear. Full disclosure: I have worked with Scottevest in the past and have an affiliate agreement with them, though even if I didn’t, I would still recommend them because I’m a big fan. They sell three different styles of men’s underwear: the Travel Boxers, the Travel Boxer Briefs and the Travel Briefs. I wear the Travel Boxers. FYI: You can also purchase Scottevest underwear on Amazon.

They are well-made with a high-quality, fast-drying fabric to keep you comfortable and cool while you’re traveling. They’re my go-to underwear, even when I’m at home.

I love that they have two pockets so you can safely store valuables like cash in there. Overall, I just find them super comfortable and high-quality (after hundreds of washes, they still look and feel great) and really, what more can you ask of your underwear?

FYI: I also like and wear Banana Republic underwear and Kickee Pants, which my wife discovered and introduced me to when she was buying pajamas for the kids.

Hope this helps!

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